CRYENGINE Communication Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the official CRYENGINE Community!

By participating in any kind of communication or sharing content on this website, you acknowledge you have read and understood the following rules. In order to keep this site safe and fun for everyone please read and adhere to them at all times when using this site. If you are having questions at any point, please approach our staff and/or volunteers.

Naming Conventions & Avatars

• Do not include spam or third-party [commercial or non-commercial] advertisement of any sort in your user name and/or avatar.
• User names and avatars cannot contain profanities.
• Don't include racist, sexist, gender or any other slurs or hate-speech in any context, including user names and avatars.
• Do not include any content that is vulgar, excessively violent or contains offensive language, including user name and/or avatars.
• Don't spread any illegal content; that includes any kind of Nazi symbols, -terms or -references.
• Do not include pornographic or sexually explicit content in user names and/or avatars.
• Don't pose as Crytek employees. The syllable 'Cry-' is only for employees. Don't use the Crytek or CRYENGINE logo, or name in your user name or avatar as it is misleading.

Content Rules

The following rules are true for all content shared on the official website, including comments on the forum or blog, asset database reviews and also private messages; content shared includes but is not limited to usernames, avatars, texts, images in public discussions, private messages and other contributions in conversations with fellow users.

• Do not include spam or third-party [commercial or non-commercial] advertisements of any sort in your posts.
• If you want to advertise your own creations, commercial or non commercial, or offer work for hire, please use the respective sub forums.
• Don't post racist, sexist, gender or any other slurs or hate-speech in any context.
• Do not post any content that is vulgar, excessively violent or contains offensive language.
• Don't spread any illegal content; that includes any kind of Nazi symbols, -terms or -references.
• Do not post pornographic or sexually explicit content.
• Never hijack or maliciously affect other users' or's property.
• Don't post off-topic or attempt to de-rail the thread.
• We don't allow any content asking for money or help with real-life issues. You can post your crowdfunding page in your signature or advertise a campaign for a CRYENGINE related game or project, but everything else just doesn't belong here.
• No random charity posts. If you want to support a specific charity and are streaming or creating content for that reason you are allowed to show that content as long as it's relevant to our core topics.
• Don't insult or seek to provoke a negative reaction in other users with your content. (no baiting)
• Never post links to external sale-sites or downloads for your assets or anything else; no matter if they are commercial or non-commercial. Please use the CRYENGINE Asset Database to distribute your goods instead. Links to the marketplace in advertisement posts for your own offers are ok - but those belong to the Asset Database forum, exclusively.
• Posting content containing other's intellectual property without giving due credit is not allowed. If you didn't make it, say where you got it. This goes for any content including 'placeholder' or 'concept' content.
• No name shaming or call-outing of other users, people, brands or competitors. If you want to bring to our attention that you have reason to believe somebody did violate the rules, please send a PM to one of the moderators.
• Only CRYENGINE content is allowed to be posted on this site, with the exception of the Off Topic forum. Even in the Off-Topic forum, all other rules still apply. As a rule of thumb, we want this forum to focus on topics of game design and other creative CE projects and while it's fine to talk about the things surrounding these topics, we will remove content that is too off-topic at our own discretion.

General Rules

• Every user is limited to one account. Creating multiple account is not allowed. If you need to change your data like user name or personal data, please let us know, so we can help you.
• Do not post duplicate threads/posts on the same topic. That's considered spamming and that content will be deleted.
• Do not impersonate CRYENGINE/Crytek staff. This includes the use of admin avatars and/or names.
• Do not verbally attack CRYENGINE/Crytek staff or other users. Don't use offensive language.
• Private messages (PMs) are private so do not publicly post content from any private conversation with another user on any channel.
• Don't circumvent flood limit, mass-post or mass-pm in any context. A huge number of public or private posts on the same topic or addressing a group of users in bulk will be regarded as spam.
• Signatures must not contain images/text that are greater than 500px * 120px in total.
• Official CRYENGINE staff & moderator's decisions are not up for discussion. If you have any requests or concerns regarding moderation actions, please send a PM to to any of the moderators to get clarification and leave your feedback.
• The official forum language is English. We do not support other languages currently, and will therefore close threads that are posted in other languages.
• Don't post any personal information publicly - not your own, not anybody elses. It's not save.
• Don't spam, troll, disrupt or derail threads into off-topic conversations. No, not even in the Off-Topic forum. Use some common sense and treat others how you would like to be treated, and last but not least, respect others boundaries.

Restricted Discussion Topics

Below is a list of topics that shouldn't be discussed in this forum. We understand that especially in making games, these topics might come up when discussing your plots and stories. So these are grey areas, really. These topics should never be discussed outside of the context of your creative & fictional work and even then, please use common sense and respect others boundaries. We reserve the right to close topics with these contexts at any given point without further explanation:

• Religion
• Abortion
• Suicide/Murder
• Pornographic Content
• War/Horrific Acts
• Politics/Race
• Warez/Cracked Software

These rules will be enforced at staff's discretion and are subject to change. Violating these rules may result in your exclusion from the discussion boards.

Thank you for your participation and adherence to these rules.


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