Ocean visibility distance

In earlier versions of Cry Engine the ocean was rendered all the way to the horizon. But now (in CE3 and probably CEV) the rendering distance is limited, presumably to help frame rates.
When viewed from a distance or from height it can look completely unrealistic. In my application, distant terrain brushes appear to float in the air, because the ocean does not reach the horizon.

Can the ocean rendering distance be increased e.g. by a console variable?
I've searched a number of times for a distance setting but never found anything.
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Re: Ocean visibility distance

Hi lavizh,
Many thanks, but no joy.
The view distance setting does indeed affect the ocean distance, but only out to about 20km. After that, increasing the setting has no effect.
As I work with large maps my standard distance setting is 1000km (it works very well).
So, something else is limiting the ocean distance, I hope it isn't hard coded.
Is there a setting somewhere that specifically controls the ocean render distance?
As I mentioned, in earlier CE versions this limit did not exist, the ocean was rendered out to the horizon.

I'm developing a system that allows you to fly around the world, using dynamically placed terrain brushes. By its nature, it requires large view distances.
You can see the problem in the screen shot!
Many thanks,

P.s. the original screen shot size was too large, at just 379kb, I had to reduce it.
Any chance this problem can be finally fixed?
Many thanks!
ScreenShot0176_reducedy.jpg (213.51 KiB) Viewed 1813 times

Re: Ocean visibility distance

Hi lavizh,
Just by chance I found the solution. If the graphics are set to very high, then the ocean is displayed over the full distance.
Unfortunately I can't use it, as very high causes an annoying graphics glitch (this is in CE3).

By the way, I just posted a screen shot, and I had to reduce resolution by 15%, due to the extremely small size limit.
I would really appreciate it if you could fix this annoying problem.

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