Hidden Costs with Middleware???

I have been checking out CryEngine 5 for the last 2 days and other than the code side of things which I haven't even looked into yet I have to say that I am really enjoying the engine and want to use it for my project. I have a concern though and that started when I saw Wwise is used. A Wwise license can get really expensive really quick but I was glad to see that there where alternatives, however that made me start to wonder if there was other middleware in the engine that needed licensed that would end up costing me money when I released a game.

Long question made shorter...
How much middleware is in Cry Engine 5 that requires licensed [costs money] or is it just the audio system?

Re: Hidden Costs with Middleware???

For audio I can say that CE currently supports Fmod Studio, SDL_mixer and Wwise. Where Fmod Studio and Wwise are professional production tools that have different support/licensing models depending on team size and budget. SDL_mixer on the other hand is a cost free alternative that is sufficient for projects with little audio needs/requirements. Be aware though that SDL_mixer is a simple low level audio renderer without extended functionality.

Re: Hidden Costs with Middleware???

Thanks everyone for the answers. I personally think FMod has the better option for indie devs when it comes to licensing especially if you need more than 500 sounds which is what Wwise site says you get with the free version. Fmod gives you one free game license a year and I would expect that anything you would build with cry engine would take at least that long to build something worth publishing. Really appreciate the feedback though as I was a little worried about not getting an answer back with all the rumors that cry engines forums are dead. Glad to see that it is not the case :)

Re: Hidden Costs with Middleware???

If you want video playback in CRYENGINE you need a Scaleform Video license by Autodesk. It's not included ofcourse due to the expensive nature of it.
what type of video playback requires Scaleform and any idea what the cost is on that license. Is video playback mean if I created a video file like a mpeg or mp4 file and tried to play that or would it also cover 3d animation files from maya or 3ds max, or cutscenes made with the cinematics tool built in or for example some image files with audio or text such as games like divinity original sin uses for its opening cutscene?

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