3D UI FOR VR :How to make sunlight to not affect flash UI on model to render and only display flash ui on model in VR?

hello, crytek
I'm saying 3d ui just like you seen in Climb VR game.I can probably guess there is three ways to to achieve it.
the first way: use UI Entity,but there is a bug with UI Entity bug, the flash ui element assigned to Ui Entity will appear "dual eye UI" phenomenon in VR world."dual eye UI" means that you will see two same flash UI element in VR world!
the sceond way: use ILLUM Shader, but if you assign flash ui to Illum shader,Sunlight will affect flash Ui element on mode surface to render.
the third way: use Referimage shader,but if you assign flash ui to Referimage shader.you will see your model edge will appear "sawtooth" phenomenon.

I don't konw what method Crytek use to can avoid light influence and "sawtooth" phenomenon for VR 3D UI in climb game.maybe Crytek use a new special shader to avoid the impact of sunlight to flash UI on model. but I know there is a UI Component for VR 3D UI in Unity editor.

now as you konw, for user of CE5 we can not still make 3d ui for VR anyway ! but crytek self can do it in Climb VR game.why can not crytek add this function and the special shader that ignores lighting for flash ui on model or add a new UI editor into sandbox editor to solve design issue of VR UI? we are expecting...it is a special shader that ignores lighting and no "sawtooth" for flash UI on model.

Re: 3D UI FOR VR :How to make sunlight to not affect flash UI on model to render and only display flash ui on model in V

I see this is fairly old,

Do you mean to say you want UI object in the game world? As in 3d Space (rather than being 2d pasted onto the screen)?

In that regard you may need some special shader adjustments if you would like to, for ex. ignore illumination/shadow passes etc.
For 2d flat UI you should be able to get away with a push 2d image call (not sure if available with flowgraph, it is a c++ function).

If you are not going to use scaleform, then you need to create your own ui system yourself (like the ce# UI system for ex.), and this will be a big task.
Also try providing as much information as to what you have tried, what the problems were and any screenshots or videos to help explain your problem better.

thanks and gl!
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