Free Assets for Comunnity

Hi we are a group of student of Game Desing from Argentine, we are making a game for a while i see how dificult i get assets from cryengine. We have a few models in difrents formats obj, fbx, ma, mb, most of the already has texture and materials. We will like is someone can helps us share this models but in cryengine format because we havent a lots o problem making the cgf and also dont have enough time, we have daily jobs, every models that we convert into cfg wil be share for free to indies.

I wish to share one of the models that im working on. In the next few days and week i will post more models.
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Re: Free Assets for Comunnity

Very nice!

You mentioned you have FBX of your models? FBX import support was added to CryEngine recently and I am sure the community would appreciate and find great use for your assets, thanks for sharing :).

For anyone attempting to import FBX characters or animated objects into cryengine 5 the docs are coming along nicely with juicy information on how to do it;

Some related threads; ... 3&t=133964 ... 1&t=133704

There are also some really great community made tutorials on youtube for ce5 :)
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Re: Free Assets for Comunnity

Thanks for the answer, but i have a problem when i import fbx or converted cgf, for example a house wall and roof are one piece how i can separate so i can applied to diferent materials.
I try to re design the house in insght designer but has the same problem. How i can select a face o diferrent vertex for apply something.

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