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Hello, does anyone know if there is any documentation for creating flownodes with C#. I'v been searching through the documentation, and all I can find is C++ examples. I have a book, called Cryengine Game Programming with C++, C# and LUA, however the examples in this book doesn't seem to be up to date with CRYENGINE V. Any pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

For example. The following tag does not work:

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[FlowNode(Name = "Multiplier", Categori = "CSharpTutorial", Filter = FlowNodeFilter.Approved)]
I have this class (I'm not sure if I'm doing this correct.) I would like to know what I need to change to make this show up in sandbox.

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[BehaviorTreeNode("MyFlowNode",true)] public class MyFlowNode : FlowNode { [InputPort("Activate it")] public void Activate() { } [InputPort("Left value")] public void Left(float value) { } [InputPort("Right value")] public void Right(float value) { } }

Re: C# Flownode documentation

I saw your post and took a look at the files the flownode support is not really complete, it currently supports bool, int and string besides void / any.
In the Code\CryManaged\CESharp\Core\FlowSystem\FlowNode.cs file you have a good base to start. Basically you should implement the IFlowNodeFactory and IFlowNode. But it is not very difficult to work based on the implementation present in the file I have adapted to work with functions rather than properties.

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