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While my issue is resolved I wanted to point out some problems with logging in after being away for awhile...

Initially I couldn't seem to login to the forum. Tried to 'recover password' which emailed me a new password but when I use the new password a new page opens and says 'confirm email' but nothing was sent to my email to confirm, and, I'm still wasn't logged in. Then, on the 2nd day I received a 'reactivation email' which allowed me to log in. I don't mind the reactivation email but it was far from instant and I was ready to give up.

It seems odd to me that if you send me a new email that this process in fact confirms the email address, therefore reactivation seems unwarranted.

Using Opera and Safari on Mac.

In the 'recover password email' it says 'See Board Admin for help if having trouble logging in' but I have no idea where to find and contact the 'board admin.' This isn't clear, there appears to be no links.

Hope this helps resolve any bugs or glitches. Glad to be back.
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Re: Login issues

Hey GreenBean-HH,

I followed up with your issue and learned that the reactivation email has been send out 2 minutes after your send request according to our database. All three emails you received were sent on June 19th, so not entirely sure what happened there, but not much we can do from our side to fix it. It might depend on how you receive your emails and what firewall or inbox protection is set; in general, we would advise to add no-reply@cryengine.com to your save sender list - but of course you couldn't possibly know that on your first login.

Apologize for not giving the email address for admin queries in the template, though, we'll remedy this. But if you check our FAQ, you will find the topic 'I registered but can't log in!' which is applicable to your situation and which has the admin contact details as well. We will still change the template to include that information in your email notification. But yeah, checking the FAQ is always recommended in case of an issue arising. :) Most of our articles can really help and if you feel differently, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will try to improve.

Glad you're back in any case,

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Re: Login issues

Fair enough.
I did receive the initial 'recover password' immediately. The reactivation took much longer, with refreshing. I don't think it would be blocked as I didn't do anything different when it finally arrived. Maybe it was on my end... maybe a test or two might be worth it?

Anyway no problems, glad to see I can get back in and get up to date with people's work and the engine updates.
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