Mono Develop Won't Open

Mono Develop won't launch, I tried opening it by right clicking on the Cryproject file and clicking edit code. I also navigated to the tools folder in the engine and it still won't open. When I double click on it the cursor shows the spinning wheel for a second and then turns back into normal with nothing else happening. I already reinstalled CryEngine.

Re: Mono Develop Won't Open

It could be that you're missing the GTK# for .NET and the Mono Libraries. On the Getting Started page it is explained how to install these libraries on your pc.
Once MonoDevelop is working don't forget to check if your active runtime in MonoDevelop also points to the right runtime. I think by default it points to MonoDevelop's own runtime which is an older version of mono than the CRYENGINE is using. The CRYENGINE mono runtime should be the runtime that's located in {CRYENGINE-root-folder}/bin/common/mono/. You can set this runtime as the active runtime in the Options of MonoDevelop.

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