[DOWNLOAD] Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann 0.5 demo

Hello everyone, I want to share this project with you. It is still Cryengine 3, but I plan to port it to V.


The purpose of this small demo is to show the SVOTI feature of the CRYENGINE. Keep in mind that it is an early version of the system, and early version of the demo.
SVOTI means Sparse Voxel Octree Total Illumination. This system can achieve high quality global illumination in real time. In this demo you can change the time of day, and look how the light reacts.

-Extract the .rar
-Go into the Bin64 folder and launch BaronHaussmann.exe
-Enjoy the visit
-Press TAB for more options
If it is the first time you use Cryengine, make sure you installed the redistributable package and DirectX.

[TAB] Hide/Unhide options
[1] GI is disabled
[2] Diffuse GI mode with 1 bounce. A complete lighting voxel based mode replace the default lighting of the engine. This mode is a bit more expensive but offers a great visual quality. Speculars are done with cubemaps.
[3] Diffuse GI mode with 2 bounces. This is currently the default lighting mode of the demo. Is expensive but offers the best quality.
[4] Full GI mode, diffuse and specular. Disabled for the moment. Could be reactivate in a future release.

[Right clic] and [Left clic] to change the time of day
[Middle clic] Reset the time of day to 13.00
[E] Zoom

Download BaronHaussmann 0.5.3 demo

Update 0.3:
-Lighting optimisations, I now use vis area and portals
-The mode 1 is now "SVOGI Disabled"
-New floor
-Some furnitures
-SMAA TX2 is now the default mode, but it is a bit buggy. You can change it via [5]
-Starting image
-A bit of color correction

Update 0.4:
-The build is now only 630Mo! (2Go before) And 350Mo compressed!
-A lot of rendering improvements, especially reflections
-Many more furnitures
-Should be faster and more beautiful
-Change the time of day with right clic and left clic. Reset it with middle clic
-A music now plays (F. Chopin : Nocturne op. 9 no. 1 in B flat minor (Rubinstein))
-No weird player anymore
-The build is launching the level automatically

Update 0.4.1:
-Fix the lighting issue of the sky light. The lighting is now only entering from the windows.
-The GI is now colored! It was grey before.
-Fix the lighting update when reset the tod
Note: Since the lighting is less global, more artifacts can appear.

Update 0.4.2:
-Improving the lighting rendering, less noise and better performances
-Fixed a bug of display message
-The version will now appears on the screen (temporary, it won't be displayed in the final release)

Update 0.4.3:
-Improving rendering : Now the full eye adaptation range is supported
-You can now go into the previously closed room, with animated doors. And admire the beautiful work of Caravaggio!
-Added an arm chair to the living room
-Optimized physic of all the level
-Added 'Informations.txt'
-Added possibility to zoom with [E]
-Added three paintings:
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - Giuditta e Oloferne (scale 1:1)
Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky - The Ninth Wave (scale 1:2)
Caspar David Friedrich - Fog (scale 1:1)

Update 0.4.4:
-GI improvements
-The default resolution in the system.cfg is now 1600x900
-Small fixes

Update 0.4.5:
-There is now 5 lights you can turn on/off by pressing [R]. Those lights interact with the GI.
Note: when you turn off a light, I update the lighting, so there is a small peak.
-Almost all the stuccos have been optimized to avoid aliasing
-Depth of field when using the zoom [E]
-Various improvements and optimizations

Update 0.4.6:
-The engine version is now 3.8.2
-The sky light is now defined by the global cubemap. So it's more directionnal and realistic.
-The GI update is now more smooth and progressive
-Some geometry improvements to avoid aliasing (still in progress)
-Some minor changes

Update 0.5.0
-The engine version is now 3.8.3
-Sky light color and intensity is now dynamic, night is now possible
-GI of lights has been improved
-Some more furnitures (flowers and art)
-New exposure system
-GI disabled show now only direct light
-The overall look is improved
-Dynamic reflections are not yet supported.
-The engine crash when a GI light is disabled.

Update 0.5.1 and 0.5.2
-Minor changes
-Added a small ad to promote our game Umbra :)

Update 0.5.3:
- Lighter and cleaner build
- New start image
- Deleted useless settings
- Small lighting tweaks

Note: As said, it is an early version of the demo, very WIP. I will consider it done at the 1.0 version.
You may encounter some performance issues, it is indeed a very demanding demo.

Some more images:
A cool video:

Here is the old forum post : https://www.cryengine.com/community_arc ... 3#p1276221
Don't hesitate to give me any feedback in this thread.
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Re: [DOWNLOAD] Baron Haussmann

Really beautiful scene good job, did you have reference?

Im not an artist but if you want my biggest criticism with how it looks in that first pic?
I would say the contact shadows of the furniture and some objects need tweaking or adjusting, some objects look like they are floating imo.

Other than that I'm really interested to see a CEV port if you manage it, would be interesting to se the difference and improvements you can make :).
Really nice :)
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