Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

I think you don't got the point here... First of all, Vertex painting and Texture importing directly into the engine are just a view little features that are missing. Are they so importing ? NO they are not...
But missing this and that... and ouh here is something that is missing too.... will make your live as a serious game developer harder. Time is money, and when i have to do all my vertex painting in max or blender and maybe i dont like the result and have go back... all this is time... time that you are looisng, which you could invest in doing something else. And again, vertex painting is just a little example here, its not the main point.

Have a look at games like Ghost Recon Wildlands... The Division... If they wouldn't use any tools/features in they're engine which makes building a world more efficient, they would need much more time and burn a lot more money, simply because of the extra hours. Here they talk about Houdini in Ghost recon wildlands and how important it was save time. And this is what im talking about... Every developer likes to save time... and when looking at a amazing engine like cryengine, we sadly miss a lot of these tolls/features to make our lives easier and more productive. On top of that we will get like two updates this year... which will make a lot of users think well... this is not going to be better... and they leave. More tools/features... Being up to date with plugins like Speedtree, Substnace, Houdini... and a lot more... Will bring this communitys to Cryengine... Whuch means... this "our" cryengine community will grow.... more users... more content.... and hopefully more developers.

One of the Ubisfot developers brings it right on point, hey says... Tools are key in production...

For now yes... UE4 and Cryengine are very different but what will happen when UE4 will become some dynamic GI like Cryengine ? I can tell you what will happen.... The amount of Cryengine users will become even smaller... Developers will choose UE4 over Cryengine simply because of the tools and features... Why should i build my "scene" or "wolrd" longer that i have to ? A game like Players Unknown Battlegrounds should be build with Cryengine! With dynamic GI ! Why have they choosen UE4 ? Sinmply because of the tools and features that Ue4 is offering for wolrd design/building. they need much more less time to build their world in UE4 than is Ctryengine.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

Alot of good points said,
In the end its what you enjoy using as you are going to spend months-years using the editor to get your project playable or/and release.
And is down the the team or users to decide which is best suited for their projects.
ok UE4 has alot more support and tutorials to help new users which is a plus but there is alot more users.
Their team is far bigger then the cry team which has more updates and fixes. but more things that can go wrong and waste time in development when the editor becomes a crash fest.

But it also hasn't helped with lumberyard, most deves have moved over because of the support and plugins added but what do you expect with that money.
The only way we can improve this is by working together improving the community, more tutorials, more updated docs which splits up the eaas and 5 versions, more ways of learning.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

Also we have spread the word! Many people still don´t know that CE has changed very positively from CE3 to CE 5.3 and will change in future updates. Sometimes it just helps spreading the word. Yes some guys might just try it and then switch back to other engines but it´s better doing this than nothing.
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Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

i don't know why people like to think it's a serious content creation tool for pro game-assets creation ?.
Can I answer this, Im use real examples. (we talking simple geometry) create a Box in external modeling solution Its a box, Make a box in internal modeling solution.. what is it? Its same box. And all way up to complicated structures to an extent, ie not lamborgini curves + forms, and here the point, in real life not every object is complicated form, examples, a Box, a wall, a fence, a door, a table, a house, a street, all way up complex forms the designer tool is capable of recreating, which is in trillions of forms equal of external tool.
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Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

Calmdev I don't think people are disagreeing that designer isn't a viable tool. I've seen people make quite complicated objects with it. It's impressive how well it works as a modeling tool.

I've only barely used it, so I can't judge fully, but I don't think it's viable as a professional modeling toolkit. Why would anyone well versed in an external DCC like Maya or Max switch to using the designer tool? Especially when their toolset is more mature and better overall. I can't actually speak to the ease of use of Designer since I've barely used it, but I highly doubt its uvmapping tool is comparable to that of Maya's. Even the modeling toolset. Correct me if I'm wrong.

That said, I still think it's a good thing to have. It seems better for beginners as a modeling toolkit. I've had people not too familiar with game engines complain that they don't support content creation inside of the engine. They need to be made externally and imported. Oddly, cryengine has been criticized for being difficult to get into, yet I think they have one of the things (Designer) that none of the other engines except lumberyard to my knowledge have that might be most attractive to beginners.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

hi calmdev, i think you've missed my point.

i didn't doubt the capacity of DT, what i'm talking about is once people accept the concept of DT as a professional tool for modelling instead of its starting point which the reason why it was decided to be developed , then compare it to real professional tools like Max or Maya, that would introduce misleading and misjudgement , people will doubt the value of its existence , and doubt the reason why CE team like to bring it up to us, talking about wasting time for such stuff instead of making real tools that people needed most.

see post along the topic, some people already started to question the existence of it , right? that 's because we forget the core of it , it serves primarily as a turbo-engine for quickly prototyping the world or the level to match your talent ideas/designs in seconds, and with its extra power, you can make more detailed assets without accessing your external DCC tool chain. it's not a replacement or a competitor for external tool-set, but a tool for accelerating the building process of your ideas and the fundamental stuff.

any seriously developed game has a solid idea and a solid playground where the ideas ,designs and mechanism need to be testified. with DT, they don't have to wait and use real detailed and polished triple-A quality assets (or anything that has to be processing first then export and import to engine) to populate the world or the level to testify their game logic or functions, so the DT is designed for SUCH circumstances . it's highly bound to very beginning of game design not the final product, and of course if you wish to, it has the capacity to make production-ready assets but that really depends on who you are, what you have, and what you wanna achieve.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

Nah crytek uses perforce internally. No way to tell really via public git only over time.

I imagine they will integrate to main many commits, then integrate main directly with release.

After that probably start integrating bugfixes for the next minor in stabalization.

We will see, im not worried :)
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