redesign is coming

We are relaunching the website next week. The comprehensive redesign will enhance the user experience, but it will also affect some legacy pages and services. Here’s what you need to know.
Image We are relaunching soon. Overall, this redesign will give everyone an improved user experience. Aside from a general design refresh across the site, behind the scenes the website has been completely overhauled from the ground up. Significant design and development work has been underway over the last year to provide a vastly improved experience for both our internal teams and our users. This update enables us to iterate more quickly, to better provide you with the content, tools, and resources you need to achieve your vision.

However, this will affect some surrounding services. CRYENGINE Answers and the forum will not be affected by the relaunch, but the Community Archive will be. Here’s what’s changing:

CRYENGINE Landing Page


Our new landing page arrives with a tidier format and easier navigation so you can get to what you’re looking for fast. News categories are now more semantic, so you can find relevant content more easily.

You’ll also find a video of our latest achievements, our latest news, and hand-picked CRYENGINE showcases select from a wide range of projects. A whole host of general fixes and improvements that make the platform more stable, secure, and performant.



On our new support hub, you will find help desk articles and all services that aren’t related to the CRYENGINE editor. You can register your game, request a quote for a custom support package, or inquire about licensing for your project. We have also overhauled our contact form so you can easily get in touch if you have a specific request or feedback. You can request removal of your data and account deletion directly in the hub if you decide to leave the community.



Our new learning section features CRYENGINE Documentation, Tutorials, and Certification. The Tutorial section has been redesigned and will be populated with new content. We have reviewed your feedback, and we are gradually removing outdated material, which will be replaced with fresh and shiny new tutorials in the near future.

The CRYENGINE Marketplace


The new CRYENGINE Marketplace has not only received a complete visual UI overhaul to make it easier to find what you are looking for but also arrives with a functionality update. Being a vendor is now easier than ever, with account improvements to better guide you through the process of becoming a vendor and adding a payment method. Adding free assets to your library doesn’t require you to go through the check-out process anymore. The asset download and launcher workflows have been updated too, to deliver a smoother experience. Simply add new assets or templates to your library, download them, and you will find them ready to use in your project in the CRYENGINE Launcher.

Legacy Changes

We are looking forward to rolling out the new site and believe that these positive changes will improve things for everyone. However, there’s also a downside which is that the community forum and gallery archive will disappear when we re-launch the website; we are currently aiming for October 15<sup>th</sup> . We thought long and hard about this step, but the archive has outlived its intended benefits at this point. While some good advice is still hidden within the maze that is the old forum, we receive many reports from new users who are confused when they google CRYENGINE V problems and get results for CRYENGINE 3, find old threads with broken links, or get lost in a convoluted labyrinth of five-year-old information.

If you are still using CRYENGINE 3, and feel like it’s difficult to get the information you seek, please let us know! And don’t forget to register your game, so we can evaluate it for marketing support.

In hindsight, we admit that things weren’t handled in the best of ways back when the old forum was turned off, and keeping the threads as an archive has always been a band-aid solution, but not necessarily a proper replacement. While we do have a great forum and Discord server now, the community gallery is still irreplaceable. It was always a fan-favorite, and we promised to bring it back, but for that to happen, we need to remove the read-only shell that is taking its place right now.

If you want to share your progress on your CRYENGINE project, please do so in the Showcase Thread on the forums and the #showcase channels on Discord for the time being.

We want to encourage you to save what’s still dear to you from the community archive, and this is why we are giving you this head’s up one week ahead of time. Also, we will send out a user survey soon where we will collect your ideas and preferences for a new community hub, which is our next priority now that the overall redesign and CRYENGINE M<a name="_GoBack"></a>arketplace updates are locked in place.

We want the CRYENGINE community to evolve, and we want your input to make it the best place possible for everyone. So, don’t be shy, let us know your feedback for the engine in our 5.6 survey, and feel free to share your story or memories about the old CryDev days in the comments below.

You can get the latest updates from the team by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel.

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Re: redesign is coming

There are a significant amount of tutorials/information stored in the archives.
Of course, there are lots of CE3-only answers in archive, but most of them carry over to CE5 just fine.

I find most of the information I need in the archives, and have had 1-2 questions answered in the new forums over the past 3 years or so.
The rest of the Q's were answered on discord, and most of the time weren't helpful responses.

I guess with the archives gone, the documentation incomplete, PR's blocked, issues poorly resolved, talk with Dev's impossible, and so on.....
CE doesn't feel the need to invest more than a marginal effort in improving the developer community.

If I hadn't spent so much time in CE already I'd leave, waste of time being stone-walled and working with no help/information. xP

Re: redesign is coming

Same here. CryEngine knowledge for the last 12 years is gonna be destroyed, because the Crytek's boss fella doesn't want to spend a dime to save it. If archive is gone, CryEngine is gone. Look at your new forums, they are plain dead. Answers are deader than dead too. The only reliable source of information about CryEngine 3 and CryEngine 5 is an archive. Crysis community was once an outstanding example to all future generations of Indie devs, and you're going to wipe it out of the history. You refer to broken links issues. Let me ask, who is responsible for dead links and broken attachments? You guys, coz you broke them, when were renaming your community over and over again. You've had years to write a simple MySQL script and fix all redirects from to the community archive, or at least fix them manually if you would like. Few years ago you've destroyed CryWiki with tons of community effort to make at least some documentation for CE2. And you've simply wiped the community filebase with tens of gigabytes of Crysis mods, maps and assets. You've just wasted the community, flushed it down the toilet. Now blame yourself or stop whining and fix everything. You've got the backups, you may return the CryEngine 2 files back. fix the community archive's attachments and links and move it to a separate domain as a CryEngine heritage.

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