Some iritating things.

I have been annoyed by the messy directory structure is not alphabetical. When I create things, I found things in the downcase directory and have an A B buth's in the lower steps of the directory why.

And another thing, my newly introduced texture is going to be a hidden matter. the attributes are changed by the application. And next time I load the levels. Mesh does not have the texture it was given.

Something that I wish is a more alternative to having a lot of detail mesh. I have a powerful computer and would like to have the opportunity to more detail mesh, which can be used in physics.

I like the new Cryengine 5.6.1 it's a bit more powerful. But I think everything with environment is hidden in the menu. That I had to figure out in a while

Re: Some iritating things.

1. Then click the panel above the top foldername to reverse the order.

2. Did you save the material in the Material Editor?

3. You can increase the polygons on your mesh before you export. Don't over optimize it. You can also increase the texture map resolution or you can add a merged detailmap.

Re: Some iritating things.


I know these things. Buth some hove the program attribute the file. Maybe administrative rights are not in order.

The matrial file when i try to update the texture the program flip out. When i come in the program again the texture are been updated in matrial file.

I `m werry pleased whit the 5.6.1 but there is som hove not korrect.


Re: Some iritating things.

Hey spaceman2003,

If you find issues such as the textures not saving, please provide reproduction steps from start to finish (from opening the editor to closing it).
The best place to post bugs is on the CRYENGINE GitHub Issues page:

Feedback about UI layouts and such are appreciated but it is difficult to ascertain what you mean, perhaps some screenshot/gifs could help highlight your issue?
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