Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

5.5 Woodland Time Demo:
Average FPS: 82.74
Max FPS: 187.62
Min FPS: 24.06
TimeDemo Play Started ,Level=woodland (Total Frames: 14903, Recorded Time: 252.97s)
Run Finished.
Play Time: 180.11s, Average FPS: 82.74
Min FPS: 24.06 at frame 4138, Max FPS: 187.62 at frame 1
Average Tri/Sec: -9899000, Tri/Frame: -119634
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.11
Memory Usage: WorkingSet=1306Mb, PageFile=3307Mb, PageFaults=906102
AutoTest Play Ended, (1 Runs Performed)

5.6 Woodland Time Demo:

This one looks different. i'll put it in a .zip because its huge... it has a lot of this

-Peak at Frame 1, 154.30ms : Wait - Physics Update (count: 1)
-Peak at Frame 1, 143.00ms : CSystem::DoFrame (count: 1)
-Peak at Frame 31, 332.77ms : Wait - StreamIO New Request (count: 1)
-Peak at Frame 50, 131.61ms : Wait - Network Wakeup (count: 1)

in it, one for each frame, 14900 of them.

Average FPS: 10.03
Max FPS: 16.77
Min FPS: 5.21

Edit: 154ms and 143ms is a long wait for whatever its waiting for, no wonder the FPS are so low, 150ms is equal to about 7 FPS. might that explain what's wrong here?
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