Re: Make support SPLAT MAP!

Make support at last import\export SPLAT MAP!!! How much can you expect elementary functionality. Who agrees write to developers. Torture them until they do.
Look, I want Splat Maps as well. I use World Creator 2 to make my terrain and I can't use the pile of textures it creates. However, at this moment I just want to say Thank You Crytek! You people are awesome!
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Re: Make support SPLAT MAP!

Why would you want to torture them? We don't tolerate this behavior here. They are busy fixing critical bugs in the engine for the 5.6.1 patch. Instead try adding it to the wishlist on the forums.
Crytek has been fixing critical bugs for years, but bugs never go away and travel for years through time, from release to release, and nothing changes. Just add the basic technologies to the engine, the same (SPLAT MAP) are elementary but very useful functions. Crytek seems to intentionally try to complicate the engine, even achieve something simple on another engine, it is terribly difficult on this engine, because there are no simple but effective things

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