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Hi. I‘m currently having issues with the setup of an actionmap for Oculus Rift. The question is simple:
What is the actionmap name for the attribute?
For example with Keyboard we write something like:
keyboard=„a“. But what do we use for Oculus and other VR devices?
As you can see in the docs here: ... w/25536784
We do get a list of values for action maps. E.g. otouch_a. But what is the attributes name?
So to give you an example:
<action name=„moveleft“ onpress=„1“ onrelease=1“ retriggerable=„1“ ???=„otouch_a“ />
So what I‘m looking for is the attribute name of „???“. What do we write here for Oculus and other VR devices?

- Jannis

Re: Actionmap VR

Found it. This here is inside of CryAction/ActionMapManager.cpp (line 224-227):

Code: Select all

if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("keyboard"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_KeyboardMouse; if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("xboxpad"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_XboxPad; if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("ps4pad"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_PS4Pad; if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("oculustouch"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_OculusTouch;
So the name for the xml action map attribute is „oculustouch“. Just in case if anyone runs into the same problem. Should definitely be updates inside the docs. Because currently you just get a list of values for the attribute there. Not the actual attribute name. It‘s not present inside the docs.

- Jannis

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