Re: How do I enable spec in dif alpha of Blend Layer?

You better describe what result you want, you can attach a screenshot
I simply need my blend texture to use a spec map. Currently I can't attach a spec to my second diffuse.
Untitled-1 copy.jpg
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Documentation says to put it into my diffuse alpha but it doesn't make any difference where I put it because results are the same. I can't really be nay more straight forward about what I want. I have a second diffuse. I can't add a spec map to it.

Re: How do I enable spec in dif alpha of Blend Layer?

Yes, in the parameters there is a slider for the specular intensity of the second material, but there is no slot for the texture. It turns out you can not mix two different types of metals, such as gold and copper. You can mix the metal that goes in the first layer and the dielectric in the second layer
When you say I can't mix metals do you mean I can't use two specular maps? Is there another way I can achieve the results I want? Do I just use a gloss map and try and replicate those details or how should I go about doing this? I have metal and rusted metal for my blend diffuse maps.

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