Re: Debug C# Code in Visual Studio 2017

C# debugging was added in CRYENGINE 5.5 for Visual Studio 2017 only. ... Studio2017

You will need to install the bundled Visual Studio Plugin located at "CRYENGINE\Tools\VisualStudioExtensions\CryEngine.Debugger.Mono_15.7_FIX.vsix".
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Re: Debug C# Code in Visual Studio 2017

Just downloaded CryEngine 5.5.2. Using Visual Studio 2017 community. I installed the .vsix above and see CryEngine Mono Debugger in 'Extensions and Updates' under tools. Opened and tried all three c# templates. They each have References to CryEngine.Common, .Core and .Core.UI.

I want to set a breakpoint and see debugging work. When I have the editor or game running, I try to select 'Debug GameLauncher' or the other options. I get 'Unable to start debuging' The system cannot find the file specificed.

I I tried to attach directly to the sandbox exe. It attached but with the 'No symbols recognized' so no breakpoints. Is there maybe some other step?

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