Error with pathfindng component (Request from agent Entity has no NavigationType defined.)


I have been trying to get the pathfinding component working on my character. I have it set up so it should be the same as the isometric default project. Then when I request a move to it doesn't move and give the message: <23:10:54> [Warning] AI: [CMNMPathfinder::QueuePathRequest] Request from agent Entity has no NavigationType defined.

My initialization code is this:

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Then it's being triggered by a mouse event that raycasts under the cursor and calls the request with
if (pPathfindingComponent->IsProcessingRequest())

Does anyone have any idea why mine doesn't work but the default isometric project does? Also does anyone know where the NavigationType is defined and if I can just define it somehow to get it working?
I have a navigation area around the area that is being used so that shouldn't be the problem either.

Thank you guys in advance!

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