About creating thumbnail images in Photoshop.(little suggestion)#1

I know that importing a Tiff map file into the current asset browser will automatically generate a dds file and a texture thumbnail image.
However, when creating a Tiff file in Photoshop, no thumbnail file is created. Only tiff or dds and meta files are generated. I hope this is added to the plugin. What do you think?
I do not wait to be generated dds through tiff in the engine. I prefer to create dds directly in Photoshop and write it to the engine. However, since there is no thumbnail file, the asset browser can not distinguish the texture.

Re: About creating thumbnail images in Photoshop.(little suggestion)#1

Hey there,

Firstly thank you for your suggestion, though we cannot produce thumbnail preview images in Photoshop as the thumbnails previews are generated with the CRYENGINE renderer. this means they need to be produced by the engine itself. You can use the "Generate Thumbnails" in the asset browser options to generate missing thumbnails.

If you have any more feature improvement requests it may be better to submit them to the AnswerHub Ideas page here:

If you have general feedback about the engine you can put that in the Feedback forum here:
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