How to get Dinosaur ''AI'' to work on CryEngine

Hello, I am making a Jurassic Park game on CryEngine 5.5.2 and I was wondering how to get dinosaurs to work on this version.

I have already got some animated Dinosaurs but I can only view them in the character tool.
I just want a dinosaur with one looping idle animation, should sound simple right? But I simply can't find any tutorials of how to import a non human non playable character.

All that is shown in this video is basically all I have got at the moment.

I really hope someone can help me.
Hi, I am making a Jurassic Park Game on Cryengine.

Re: How to get Dinosaur ''AI'' to work on CryEngine

If you have the character in the character tool, then I believe you have done the hardest part.

It may be easier for you to use our latest tutorial on getting FBX chracter/animations into the engine using drag and drop in to the character tool and importing animations.

You can trigger animations using Flow Graph or Entity Components.
For NPC characters you will not need to program any input in C++ for example.
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