How do I Utilize other Material Channels in Cryengine?

I see very little documentation to explain what material settings allow me to use a specular map stored on my difuse. I'm trying to save memory by putting multiple maps into one but I see nothing about doing so. I checked the documentation, youtube videos and other sources. I'd like to store opacity maps, specular, emitance and normals all in one if possible and if I can't in one, how do I best do this otherwise? As an example, utilizing your alpha/opacity map in the engine is as simple as adjusting the alpha test and opacity but what if I want to use a spec map stored on my difuse?

Thanks for the help. The first aid section is completely dead.

Re: How do I Utilize other Material Channels in Cryengine?

Hi there,

The statement we don't care is not accurate at all, we are putting a lot of effort into the documentation at the moment and things will change in this regard as soon as possible. It would not make sense to have this attitude on our side as we hope for as many people as possible to enjoy using CRYENGINE for their awesome projects. We understand your frustration about lack of information on certain things though which is why we are putting a lot of focus into documentation, your feedback is appreciated.

Regarding using texture channels for different purposes, that is not how our systems work. We have strict requirements on what channels are used for what in each texture map. For example, specular goes into the normal map alpha channel. The alpha channel of the diffuse texture is either an opacity/alpha map or detail mask - this is selectable in the shader generation params in the material named "Detail Map Mask In Diffuse Alpha".

These rules are explained on the documentation here: ... s+Settings ... ures+Types

Let us know if anything is unclear.
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