Re: Physics Params:simulation node

ok it seems to only work with ridgidbodyex

then when another entity with or with out physics is attached as a child so the ridgidbodyex being the parent it stops working

my goal was to simulate parachute physics

also i seen the player simulated node but no matter what values i enter it seems to have no affect

Well the node is called physics simulation, so i would assume a physicalized object is required? Did you test?

Re: Physics Params:simulation node

Can you provide more detail about the issue you are having with the player simulated node and how you wish to use it?
Regarding the RigidBodyEx Legacy Entity, this would mean you are using the GameSDK which will apply forces on the player which you will need to override. (Remove the player and create a dummy, you can check out the Flappy Boid course on howto remove the player).
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