troubles getting started

hey there. I'm new to this whole cryengine system, so its no surprise to me that I somehow messed up the whole thing before I could get started.
here's the situation: I downloaded the installer to my C drive, but there wasn't enough space for the program, plus the assets that i wanted to download. so I moved the whole mess onto a new drive with much more space....aaand now whenever I try to open on of my old projects, it gives me a message calling for verification. so next, i tried to uninstall the program, reinstall it to the right drive, and try it then, only for the same message to appear.
so if my intentions were unclear; HELP!
thanks in advance.

Re: troubles getting started

Have you moved the Engine as well?
The entry for the engines is in the following file:

You can just right-click on the cryengine.cryengine file followed by "register engine"
That will update the entry in the cryengine.json

If you still have the same issue you can submit a ticket via the CRYENGINE Launcher top right corner "Report an issue"
all the files we need will be automatically attached.

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