About License AgREEment and School

So I have this graduation project "Implementing a robotic workcell in a VR environment using Cryengine" but as I was reading the license agreement I noticed that making simulations (scientific or technical) or serious games is prohibited. Well I finished the game, it contains a robot arm in a cell it does an animation like it is working on sometihng as long as the two swithces and the cell's door is closed. All you can do is basically turn these switches on or off and roam across the room open and close a door.

My question is are you going to come after me if I turn this paper in?

P.S: I have not compiled the game and do not need to as I already did my presentation in the sandbox and my teacher did not ask for a copy.

Re: About License AgREEment and School

This sounds like an interesting project :). You are welcome to showcase this in the showcase gallery if you like.
It is as Lavizh mentioned, the main concern of the restriction from the license you mentioned is to prevent creating Training Simulations or Commercial applications that involve training of some sort (Like a military simulator) or Architecture Visualizations that could be used to promote real estate and the like. the terms are broad in this respect to cover these things adequately.

That said, if you (or anyone for that matter) have a project in mind and think it may go against the public EULA then I urge you to contact our business department using the enterprise form on the CRYENGINE.com website with the details of your project so we can evaluate the project.

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