Visual Studio - Generate UML from a c++ project

Currently I am reading though the cryengine gamecode. It is huge not very well documented. It would be really good if I could create an UML diagram from the project file.

I already found some tools to generate an UML diagram from c++ code, the problem is that the cryengine project is really huge and it would take a lot of time to do this.

Do you think this is possible?

Re: Visual Studio - Generate UML from a c++ project

I would probably be possible, though I am unsure of the benefits.
If you would like to know for example, the game loop, you could use Statoscope and/or brofiler to get an idea of what function is called when and in what order.

Generating such a complex UML diagram would probably be more confusing than clarifying.

Is there something specific you would like to know?
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