GameSDK vs Blank Project

What's the consensus here for using GameSDK as a base for an FPS game? I've spoken with one developer that's recommended to start with a fresh project but it seems a little redundant to rebuild all the same code again. Are most of the FPS titles built on CE running GameSDK as a base?

Thanks in advance ladies and gentlemen!

Re: GameSDK vs Blank Project

I wold also love to have more info about this.

Some devs are saying that SDK performance is low compared to clean build, etc. How big is the difference is probably hard to say.
But it makes sense.
AFAIK, GameSDK is basically a barebones version of Crysis which I don't mind since I love Crysis. Building an FPS on the same framework as it is very similar to the 90s modding scene that bore Action Quake 2, Counter Strike and other legends. Also similar to the 90s modding is we get a badass level designer for the community to use which is absent with UE4. One should never under estimate the potential a nice level editor it can do wonders to keep games alive. I would like to get a confirmation of the Pros and Cons of using GameSDK before moving forward.

If Crytek want more devs to chose CE over UE resulting in more games being built and more revenue they should be more transparent about the Pros and Cons of using GameSDK. Apologies if I didn't see the memo elsewhere, there's not much information readily available on this topic. I have used it and was able to mess around with psychics to emulate my desired mechanics but these will need to be hardcoded in Playmovement.ccp. I'm wondering what the feedback is on the networking side of it and also since scaleform is being depreciated will there be an open source replacement like CryHTML?

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gamesdk origin from fps game crisis. but you use it to create mmo game, action game, fight game, card game, you have to remove all game code. plus lf office stop maitaince it , you will never use feature or plugin using on template. and template deploy unity or ue components system. and schimatic instead of flowgraph which is limited. template could use c#, but gamesdk just c++

Re: GameSDK vs Blank Project

With the GameSDK it is advisable to use C++. You can also use LUA for some entities and logic as well as Legacy Flow Graph and other Legacy Entities. You can use C# also but it will not be easy to interop with existing GameSDK entities with C#.
Otherwise wouldn't be reasonable anyway.

Re: GameSDK vs Blank Project

From what I can tell, the gameSDK package is based off of a barebones version of Crysis 3 and includes everything you need to make a AAA title in a matter of days. Obviously, if you were to make a AAA title you would need to sue your own assets which would defeat the purpose but you get my point. It does have a pretty heavy FPS impact (even on my gtx 1080 + 7700k) in comparison to a clean slate due to it originating from CryEngine 3.

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