Low FPS in GameZero project

I have installed CryEngine 5.4 via launcher and just executed GameLauncher.exe. As you can see on the picture below I have 130 fps with r_vsync = 0, r_motionblur = 0 and r_stats = 4.
My task is to develop application based on GameZero and so working only with engine without sandbox at all (because I have all required content). Also I wont have any separated projects (e.g. if you creates projects via launcher). So I downloaded source and SDKs for CryEngine 5.4 and build solution for MVS 2015 by cry_cmake.exe. I have no errors. But what I see when just executes GameLauncher.exe?
17 fps? Why there is so difference? What I've done wrong?

Re: Low FPS in GameZero project

Debug version is always slower by design, that's because is used to catch errors on the code and so needs to do tests that the non debug versions don't need to do, for example when working in visual studio you can compile your code in two ways, debug version and release version the debug version can sometimes be 5 times slower or more than release version, depends on the complexity of your game. Debug version is for development, is the only one that lets you, debug your code, release version is for the final user.

Re: Low FPS in GameZero project

Just to clarify;

In CRYENGINE we have 3 build types:
Debug -> All optimizations off, all profiling paths active and extra checks enabled.
Profile -> Most optimizations on, includes some profiling paths and some checks. (This is the recommended default build config).
Release -> All Optimizations without profiling or extra checks, Certain dev-only features disabled - such as CVars marked SV_CHEAT are not mutable.

Generally you build in profile while in development and only use debug sparingly on a per function or per module basis.
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