How do I generate LOD-style dds-files? (dds.0, dds.1, etc)

I believe this format is crytek-specific, so this should be the place to ask.

I have found numerous forum threads describing how to "unsplit" these files.
However, if I replace a texture in Kingdom Come: Deliverance with an unsplit copy of itself, the result does not look like the original (replacing comes out looking washed out).

Meanwhile, when replacing a texture with another lod-style texture, it looks as it should.

This leads me to believe that the splitting affects not only the streaming performance, which is the main purpose afaik.

So, how do I generate LOD-style dds-files? I cannot find any such option in the RC.

Also, if anyone knows why unsplitting is messing up the colors, and possibly an alternative fix, that would be neat.

Re: How do I generate LOD-style dds-files? (dds.0, dds.1, etc)

/Moved to off-topic due to it being a question about modding KC:D.

Texture splitting is as you say for streaming performance and is handled via the CRYENGINE RC tool when Streaming is enabled (The mips are processed and split across different PAK files ideally).
This should not affect the maps though. There is no telling what KC:D used for whatever texture your referring to in the texture settings.
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