Re: How to hang a object in the middle of a rope?

Just use 2 ropes instead of 1, your object connected to both.
Yes I saw the official rope tutorial, they use many ropes to build a bridge, it works very well, but the object won't be able to slide alone the rope.
Still thank you for that!
You mean ONE rope with an object hang on it and the object could slide freely? That will be a very complex physics system. It works in real life, but we always find a cheap way to fake it in games.
Perhaps you could use a solid static mesh to fake a TAUT rope. Add some small rope fur or pieces (as cloth or vegetation) hang on the "rope". Apply some wind and use detail blending to make those fur and pieces dynamic which makes the "rope" more persuasive. You can even add some other real ropes to the end points of the "rope" to HINT the player to think the "rope" is a real rope and it's just taut.

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