Help The Cry Dev Team!

The current Cryengine is not as good as the community or the world expects.
There are many many bugs and every time a bug is fixed, other new bugs come along. This is not a durable state at this level of a 3D engine.

Furthermore, the documentation is not compatible. If you are looking for a problem on Google you get a few answers but not compatible with the current system. Most of these are for an older version and out of date. Even in the Cryengine 5 Series, parts of the documentation are simply wrong. Many requests on Google land in the old forum and there are links that refer further. These links have not been adapted since the new forum and you end up on a 501 page. Dear Crytek Team..that could be fixed for example with a simple database script in 2 minutes.

There are many developers here in this Forum who are dissatisfied and express themselves negatively and rightly so! But we all love this engine, do not forget that!

Therefore, I ask the question to the developer team and also to the developers here in the forum. Should or could we solve the problems together?
Can we as a developer help the Crytek team and how?

Crytek? What do you say?
Crytek Members? what do you say about that?

I think Crytek just lacks the capacity but as members we could close this.

Re: Help The Cry Dev Team!

The main issue is what those studio's designing are not what others are using it for. Someone using it for an open world world cant give much input for someone doing VR or top down for example. Then there is the issue where many of the engine customizations are studio specific who paid people to do so.

Re: Help The Cry Dev Team!

Hey bowlmaster,

We do receive and appreciate any help we can get from the outstandingly dedicated CRYENGINE community. Documentation and the old archive forum is something we are looking into, in fact you can see the new work-in-progress documentation for yourself, it is incomplete at the moment as we work on it but rest assured it is a priority for us.

The community is more than welcome to submit ideas, feedback, content and fixes by way of documentation, pull requests, ideas and feature requests and also learning material requests. If you would like to contribute you can either post your content in the respective page or email us via contact [at] cryengine [dot] com.
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