Re: child enities axis issue

my bad i got this goofed up with another issue related to basic entities child attach is that the child disappears,

the axis goof up is related to making schematyc/components child entities with either schematyc/components or Gamesdk physics ent's.

Can you show us an example to demonstrate this? Can you make sure you are not transforming local coordinates?
We would like to confirm if this is a bug :).


Re: child enities axis issue

schematyc child issue, i type 90 in x axis and press enter and it rotates z instead

Typing value in x axis
car child axix 1.png
car child axix 1.png (417.97 KiB) Viewed 3433 times

value jumps to z change after pressing enter
car child axix 2.png
car child axix 2.png (418.4 KiB) Viewed 3433 times
Can u pls post some more details about it?Your question has very meagre information that specifies your issue..So pls just more details here,will love to help u if i can.Thanks

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