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Anyone who has an interest: Work From Home (Not a job, but merely a collaboration)

We are offering to be part of a hobby team.
WHERE is the job? You will be working from home after work (you will not be paid until the release of the game, which also might be a small amount).
Is this a ORIGINAL or FAN project? This is an original RPG project about the Medieval Era.
DURATION - We are planning on a release date of sometime in 2020 with updates.
JOB DESCRIPTION - Depending on what you want to help with, you would be in charge of marketing, a programmer coding mechanics, game modes, and network programming.
QUALIFICATION - Experience in Maya, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Cryengine, and fluent in C# and/or Cryengine C#.
DETAILS -For more information on the game and the company, please visit:

CONTACT DETAILS - Please Contact Us At
Instagram - @reforcelabs
Facebook - Reforce Labs
Twitter - @labsreforce
Email -
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