Parent-Child movement

I've got a huge problem in 5.3, don't know if it persists in newer versions.

If there are 2 linked entities (parent-child) and the child has its' own movement, then it doesn't/does badly inherit the parent movement, which is not what a parent-child linking is supposed to do.

I think this is a serious issue, and many malfunctions/inaccuracies of flow graph driven assets could be explained this way. Does anyone have a solution for this ?

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Re: Parent-Child movement

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the solution; my concern regarding it is that it would kill the framerate (already have a lot of flow graphs and a fps somewhere at 30). For now I think I'll try to restrict movement for parent/child if there's already a movement undergoing for one of them, although I'm not happy with this limitation.


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