5.5 new release issues

it seems although some stuff was added and that it works, i wouldn't exactly call it stable.

it still crashes in schematyc editor.
designer objects blink, although i found a work around its a huge pain.
i still have issues with new particle editor
still get random times were the engine closes out with no error.

would it not make cents to fix and enhance first before adding new features

seems like they would have been better off focusing on working with different areas of the editor.
it seems like the simpler stuff has lower priority, so why not do simpler first like how hard could it be to have already added more schematyc to enhance what is there

im confused on why somthing so simple sounding like saving a value across reload in schematyc was not added way back in like 5.4.

Re: 5.5 new release issues

Is your Project based of the GameSDK?
If yes have you updated the GameSDK from within the CRYENGINE Launcher Assets page?

Have you updated the Engine?
Check CRYENGINE Launcher > Library > My Engines

Have you moved the GameSDK to a different place?
If yes you will need to move the binary files from the new GameSDK to your project.
Copy the .pak files over as well to be safe.

If you have only updated one of them then then the Engine might not
work or be unstable.

If you have checked everything above and still encounter crashes please let us know about the exact reproduction steps of the crash
in our Build Feedback forum HERE
That will help us a lot.

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