Master Class: Environment Art with 3DS Max

Image Crytek veterans Ronny Mühle and Tom Deerberg deliver an invaluable presentation on creating environment assets for your projects using 3DS Max.
Environment artists won't want to miss our latest CRYENGINE Master Class, hosted by Senior 3D Artist Ronny Mühle and Principal 3D Environment Artist Tom Deerburg. In around 75 minutes, the presentation covers practical, proven-in-production techniques walking you through all the stages of creating environment assets for your levels using 3DS Max.

The Master Class covers the creation of physicalized static and dynamic meshes like rocks or buildings, physics proxies, and texture maps. The presentation also demonstrates how to make vegetation that responds to both wind and collisions with physicalized objects and covers materials, breakable objects, and more.

The process of creating materials in Photoshop, and exporting textures from Photoshop and Substance Designer, is revealed, and you'll learn how to move assets between 3DS Max and CRYENGINE. Ronny and Tom also discuss how to debug and optimize your assets in this comprehensive presentation.

This Master Class is aimed at those with some experience with game development and CRYENGINE. If you are completely new to our engine, we recommend that you download our beginner's course, which shows you how to make a complete game with CRYENGINE or watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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Re: Master Class: Environment Art with 3DS Max

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