Uninvited Guest - Out Now!

We profile Uninvited Guest from AdroVGames, a beautiful and haunting indie horror game that's out now on Steam.

Today we're checking out the latest release by AdroVGames, a one-person development team from long-standing CRYENGINE community member Andrey. Following in the footsteps of previous games Investigator, ShadowSide, and ColdSide, Andrey's newest game is a chilling adventure called Uninvited Guest, and it's out on Steam right now.
Uninvited Guest is a first-person psychological horror game set in 1930. The protagonist is a poor villager struggling to put food on the table and look after their daughter. When the daughter falls seriously ill, only expensive medicine can save her. A chance encounter with an art collector traveling through their village reveals a route to salvation. A painting is rumored to be hidden away in a nearby old, abandoned mansion, and there is a large reward on offer for its recovery. However, the search for the picture turns into a terrifying journey through an estate full of dark secrets and hidden horrors where terror is never far away.

Uninvited Guest immerses you in a seriously chilling adventure with its beautiful graphics and horrifying soundscape, and it's best played with headphones on for maximum effect. That is, if you can handle it. You will really have to hold your nerve as you delve deeper into the abandoned mansion, as the building and objects littered throughout it reveal the creepy and mysterious events that occurred there. The game is packed with freakish scares throughout, and you never know what awaits you around the next corner. Uninvited Guest is a white-knuckle ride and a technically accomplished experience that showcases how the smallest team can achieve great things with CRYENGINE.

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