Flowgraph on CE 7 LTS

Hello. I can't seem to get the simples flowgraph to work with this issue of CE. The spawnpoint simply does not place me where I set it in the level. I still when entering editor-gamemode find myself (or rather the camera) at the place I am currently at? Flowgraphs like this one worked well in the previous issues of the game engine. I use the first person shooter schematic and have all SDK pak-files accessible, so I don't understand. Thanks for any help or hints. Spes

Re: Flowgraph on CE 7 LTS

HI, and thank you for answering. Sure here is a screenshot from my level. The template is first person shooter and I have also tried with third person shooter as well, but same result. So it could be some generic error in my setup, but as I said, it worked with CE 5.6.7. There are two other flowgraphs that is actually working but I have disabled them in case they interfered with this simple spawn-graph. I have been working many years now with my level but mainly with level design and asset creation. Just now started trying to learn flowgraph to get som simple functions going. So it might well be that I have missed something. Since the days of CE 3.5.8 where there was a lot of functionality "for free" like first and third person toggleble, squating, jumping, flying in the air in gamemode etc, nowadays it seem everything has to be coded by the user, wich is bad news for me as an hobbiest and no programmer. Flowgraph seems to be achievable even for me to understand, but I get a bit confused when that does not seem to be always working? Looking now at my actionmap in FG I discover my player only has some mousemovements and shooting ability?? No other properties, could it be that something is missing in my template after all?
Thanks again. Spes
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