Re: Building a Massive Library of Free Images for Everyone

Hey Everyone,

Brand new texture images are ready for you on these pages:

TXR - GROUND - Artistic (Tile-able)
TXR - METAL - Artistic (Tile-able)
TXR - ROCK/STONE - Artistic (Tile-able)


New-And-Improved Ogg Music Packs

For those of you who happen to be using my music tracks, my higher-quality Ogg music packs are now available as Zip folders so you can actually download all of my music tracks at once. This should be a huge time-saver. Here's a link if you'd like to check them out:

As always, enjoy, stay safe and keep being creative! :-)

Re: Building a Massive Library of Free Images for Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I've had some people ask me why I don't provide maps (like normal maps, roughness, ambient occlusion, etc.) with my texture images. The answer is: I think it's better to let people generate their own maps from my images so they can make them (and, hence, their final materials) look exactly the way they want them to.

I've recently discovered a free tool called "Materialize" that does exactly that, and it works really well. Here's a link:

That said, this week's brand new images are on these pages on my site:

BARK - Artistic - Tile-able

BRICK - Artistic - Tile-able

CONCRETE - Artistic - Tile-able

You can access them from here:

Enjoy! :-)

Re: Building a Massive Library of Free Images for Everyone

Happy Friday!

If you happen to find my free assets helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. My site is 100% ad-free...I pay for everything myself and contributions from the creative community really help a lot.

That said, you'll find this week's new free textures on these pages:

FUR/CARPET - Artistic - Tile-able

GROUND TEXTURES - Artistic - Tile-able

Enjoy, stay safe and keep being creative! :-)

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