Launcher cannot download engine at all

On multiple computers, during fresh install, selecting "Install Engine" proceeds with download, that seemingly ends successfully (the bar fills up to 100%) only to be followed by "Something went wrong, download failed, please retry". Dozens of retries result in the same thing.

As a result, a new user like me cannot even install the engine at all.

Re: Launcher cannot download engine at all

Hi there,

Can you please try again with the latest version of the engine? We pushed a hotfix for 5.6 just now.

If you continue to have issues downloading the engine please provide us with the following details:
1. Have you had previous CRYENGINE versions installed?
2. What version of windows are you running (including build number)?
3. Provide us (you can do so via direct message) the ce-launcher.log and plugin.log files:
ce-luancher.log: %LOCALAPPDATA%\CRYENGINE_Launcher\ce-launcher.log
plugin.log: C:\ProgramData\GFACE\plugin.log
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