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hello I am doing a graphic upgrade for crysis 2 with the sandbox editor, but although I can edit everything, after changing the time of day setting, the game automatically reverts back to its original state and this slows down the thing I am dealing with, I would be glad if you can help.

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Sorry i delete my previous post by accident
I was saying that if you edit the time of day at 12:00 for exemple your game must start at 12:00 and remain at 12:00.At 12:01 the setting return to what it was but your setting at 12:00 is still there .You can and must save the time of day in your leveldata folder in the folder name level you created ex:Mylevel\leveldata\TimeOfDay.xml

You should also go there: ... uFile.html

hope this help you.....

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At the beginning of the episode, I set it as 08:41 because it was written at 08:41, but I did it as you said and I did it at 08:40, it didn't work, I tried it at 08:00 and 09:00, but I got the same result, all the settings I made are reset, the position of the sun, the color of the sun, fog color or something so everything
(I used google translate because my grammar is not good, I'm sorry if there are any mistakes)
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i m not english native myself.
Clic on the link: ... uFile.html ,on the top left, clic on the index, and then on the letter T .and then clic on the "Time of Day Window Reference"

Clic on the image to enlarge it. On the top of the image you have 0........12........24 that is for the 24 hours of the day
'let s say' we edit the first one "HDR dynamic Power Factor" parameter at " 08:41 " you will see in the middle of the picture the line with curve and dots on it, the parameter will change only for " 08:41 " not the entire 24hrs
That is why at " 08:40 " or " 08:42 " the setting will return to what is already on the line. So if you want to change the parameters from " 08:41 " to " 09:41 " as exemple, you will have to make the change on the line for that duration.It will not change automaticaly "you have to edit that yourself"

also you have the current time that is the time in the editor let s say " 08:41 " so you have to put " 08:41 " for the start time and that will be the time the game play will start.And the end time is for when the game play will stop. The play speed is for how fast the time will change in the game:the real time speed 0.005 or slower 0.0005 or faster 0.05 and so on.
I m not expert with that but maybe there is a way to make the game stay at " 08:41 " if you want that no change is made in the time of day during the game .

When you have finish, on the top left you save the change you made in the folder of your level.Exemple mygame\leveldata\TimeOfDay.xml Copy backup your TimeOfDay.xml before in case you don t like the change you made.

-if it s not clear with that, i will try to make you a video on youtube. i am with cryengine 3 by now, but it s very similar with all cryengine.

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Actually, this problem disappears when I delete the Lighting.bak file from the layers folder, but in some sections there are tod settings that change as I progress, so I eliminated this solution, and there is no tod.xml file anywhere in the game's files, and I could not find where to edit the line you mentioned

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