Enabling Layer Streaming Improves FPS in Editor, But not in Exported Game

Hi Everyone,

I'm still new to Layer Streaming but I'm desperate to find ways to boost my framerate. I first enabled it in editor today with updating the level settings and console command. Immediately when I ctrl+g from editor to test in game I noticed ~25 bump in frame rate. What confuses me is that I have not even added flowgraphs to hide/unhide distant objects, so I have no idea what is updated to cause such a bump in performance.

However, when I export to engine to test, the frame rate remains at the typically low 20-30 FPS that I have been stuck at. For further reference, this is all occurring outside the bounds of the map since I'm working on a mega sized 25kmx25km map. I notice a substantial frame drop whenever I leave the standard 8kmx8km map bounds as well, so I'm not sure what background settings are potentially limiting my performance when I am playing outside the normal Map Bounds.

Any insight is much appreciated!!!


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