Re: Unknown Command: goto warning

Hey there,
it would be great if you could add more details to your report, this way its more likely to find a solution :)
For example - engine version, launcher deployed or self built, what the project is based on (gamesdk, template, etc), what the model is and if there are any other issues. And of course what is the expected behavior. This is especially important because while fbx is a container that is designed for using with 3d models inside, it can potentially contain other things.

Re: Unknown Command: goto warning

Version 5.6.7, launcher is deployed. No other issues. Model is a static mesh LOD0 Kama.cgf which is imported from a FBX both binary and ASCii format are pulling this warning. Project is based on learning the Engine. Coming over from Unity and Unreal 4. The model was modeled in SketchUp Pro and put into Blender for a UV unwrapping and a clean up. Deleted the skp camera and instance out. The model was then resized to a Mannequin. I did however embedded a claim signature with a click of a button inside SketchUp Pro.

Re: Unknown Command: goto warning

Thank you for the detailed explanation :).

These messages relating to 'goto' should not affect your project and can be safely ignored.
For context, this warning is due to some refactoring in the editor where these editor-only commands were replaced/updated and other methods were implemented for this behavior (focus on objects/entities/windows). There are a lot of systems in the editor and some we have no got to yet but rest assured we have noted your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to let us know :).
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