Re: Does Crysis Remastered support modding?

Hi VinoBob,

This is the CRYENGINE forums but I can say looking at the FAQ on the Official Crysis Discord that they are looking into supplying the editor but there is no specifics right now if that will be possible or when.
Using CRYENGINE 5 with Crysis may be outside of the EULA for the game so we cannot provide any help in that regard.

I recommend letting the Crysis team know your feedback and request for modding capability on the Crysis feedback channels in the Discord.
Unfortunately we cannot help in this regard.
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Re: Does Crysis Remastered support modding?

Hi Cry-Flare,

thanks for the tip, I posted a reply in one of the feedback threads, I hope it will get to the Crysis team.

If there will be a positive answer to my request please make sure that it makes it to the news section, so that everyone can see that the game has been opened for modding, as I think quite a lot of people would be interested in that.

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