Vectorian Giotto add red outline

Hello i have this problem. I want add Cryengine logo in my main menu. But Vectorian Giotto keep add me problems.
1. Problem when i take logo form official brend asstes ( i change it from cvg to png in photoshop) but it's just dosnt show logo (in Flash player or Engine) gfx exporter see it (it's create dds file and say in Command Prompt pocent of export image) but it dosnt apear on screen. After some manipulation i fix this probelm when i change resolution from original 8k to 600x300.
2. Problem appear from nowhere. Vectorion giotto just keep add red outline on logo. I try 5 different logos. take from brend assets, from google. It's keep add them on every logo (sometime this outline big some time wery tiny) BUT most funny part that it's happen NOT WITH every png! Some png appear normal some with red outline. I attached screenshot for example both image is in png format.
So what is that and how i fix it?

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Re: Vectorian Giotto add red outline

Hi BLADEkuzia,

There may be some limitations in the size of images that GFX Export can handle. We recommend creating your scenes in 1080p at most. The images resolution can be higher and should scale to higher resolution monitors if possible.

Regarding the red outline, it appears that the image is having trouble when the alpha is being processed. If you have a static background, I would suggest flattening the image entirely. If you require transparency, you may want to use the Photoshop CryTIFF export plugin the replace the DDS generated by GFX Export if it is having trouble processing your image.
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