Which engine Best for making a multiplayer FPS, Cryengine or Unreal ?

I'm a 3D Artist with zero programming and game dev experience, I need to make a reasonable multiplayer FPS (I would get a few resources from certain stores) by either Cryengine V or Unbelievable 4 and I'm choosing which motor to pick.

Since I have zero programming foundation, I wish to utilize either flowchart from CE5 or nativized plans from UE4 to make the game rationale for the multiplayer FPS (or perhaps gain proficiency with some coding?).

I notice that CE has less clients/support however their motor is by all accounts great and backing for making a multiplayer FPS(since CE typically are make for building FPS games), while UE has more help yet their motor appears to have less capacities than CE and multiplayer support for FPS appears to be deficient.

Anyway, which motor would you prescribe to another game dev that has a simpler expectation to absorb information, support from the network (searching for assets to make a multiplayer FPS) and by and large minimal issue to work with for making a multiplayer FPS?

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