CryEngine pure ECS architecture

Hi! I have just downloaded CryEngine in hopes of a better game engine. Before I worked in Unity DOTS (Data Oriented Technology Stack) which is still in preview but due to numerous bugs to downloading Unity ( at this point I cannot open or create a new project inside Unity) I decided to move away from it. I don't like Unreal Engine that much so the next game engine on the list is CryEngine. I also heard that it has an ECS architecture and by that I hope it is like the one Unity is trying to make, entities are just ids, components just hold data and systems act on that selective entities in an efficient manner using queries. I read a question in the forums about the same stuff if CryEngine has a pure ECS format but it was a year old so maybe things have changed.
My question is: Does CryEngine have that kind of architecture? If it doesn't, does it have tools that help you achieve that kind of architecture? ( I am willing to try to create my own ECS ). This architecture is paramount for my game idea because I want to make an RTS that features thousands of troops.
Thanks in advance.
EDIT: I would like to know also what compiler CryEngine uses for C++ and if it possible to write assembly instructions.

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