Multilayeredmaterials Shader

I would like to receive a video tutorial on setting up this shader. In the documentation there is of course a manual, a lot of words and nothing is clear! But the video tutorial where they show how in
Substance Painter to draw material and use it with this shader in the engine would be very useful. I don’t understand at all, for example, how to make metal mixed with rust. Should there be separate textures for metal and rust?

Re: Multilayeredmaterials Shader

Okay, let's get started with a simple one! How to add Gloss texture?! Use Gloss texture in alpha channel Normal maps - DOES NOT WORK! Use a separate Gloss texture by adding it to a special material slot (Layers Smoothness Map) - DOES NOT WORK! What to do!? What am I doing wrong !? I'm just trying to do the tutorial (Conductive Base Layer). In general, nothing is clear! Make at least a few examples of possible materials with this shader in the next update

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