[Asset][Sell] Weapon sound pack Volume 3

Hello there!

There is the third Weapon Sound pack, live now :)
I'm glad to announce the new release, following the next on: Weapon Sound Pack volume 3!
The volume 3 is following the same guideline as for volume 1 and 2, but with 6 new weapons!

There is an example of what you can do with this sound pack when it's used on real video games



Note: You can find all weapons separately in small pack on the Catastic Store!

Because of the cheap price you can easily make a try for your project or to use it for your more advanced game!

The package contains:

-268 sounds
-6 different weapons type: Pistol, Automatic, Revolver, Shotgun, Sniper, SMG
-Desert Eagle, Famas, Revolver Webley MkVI, Shotgun Beretta 682, M24, Ingram MAC-10
-Shooting sound
-Shell casing sounds
-Handling sounds
-Reloading sound
-Aiming sounds
-Royalty free sounds.

I hope it will help you giving life to your ambitious games!
And more packages to come!

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