Re: As a beginner in CryEngine, I'm totally lost.

While I dont like your attitude at the end, you are right. Post wasnt meant for ranting, but afterwards I pretty much had a rant, I apologize.

I use the PBR Specular workflow with Substance, and export it with CRYENGINE preset, but still diffuse works wrong, and normal map doesnt show, it looks like I used OPENGL map even though I used DirectX map on it. I looked it up, CRYENGINE uses DirectX, but it still shows wrong. Also I dont understand why I should name normal maps as "ddna", and also why it is so hard to make even a simple material. Don't quite get the "detail" maps too. I also read somewhere that I have to use Photoshop and tweak a lot of things just to use something from Substance Painter. I dont get the meaning of doing so much work like this even though for other engines its such an easy feat. For some reason, I thought this community would understand what I meant without insults, so I decided to make a feedback thread, and yeah, this is the result. Thanks.
I guess my reply was a bit harsh too, it was not my intention to insult you. Perhaps I was too frank with you. Cinnabear diagnosed my attidue to ;)
Your post is probably misunderstood as banter because you dump a lot of complains without actually providing enough information to actually constructively help you.
Regarding your issues though..

Like other folks said
- ddna stands for normal map with alpha channel - you can put your gloss map in there (if manually)
For normal map facing wrong direction you can try try to invert green channel in your normal map (Photoshop, Gimp whatever you use). Takes few seconds. If you can't rebake it. of course

Regarding so much work - exactly my thought when started using the engine however once you familiar with the workflow I would said it's the matter of getting used to it.

About materials - see Cinnabear's answer.

Elaborating on material creation - Material Editor is rather straighforward and powerfull that lets you to achieve good results even with seamless texture (reusing them) which is very useful for optimizing game performance in comparison to baked materials for all the assets. If number of assets is huge than you can imagine how this affect your workflow, but I guess it's totally different story. Anyway, detail maps are not required and should not be overused in my opinion as well as blend maps, etc. See shader options, such as blend layers, vertex paint, details etc and play around with options. Tip: You may want to switch graphics quality, cause I believe it is set to medium by default and some options are not showing in medium quality settings
CE is not the easiest engine for the starters but I believe pretty powerful and flexible once you learn your way.

Regarding Substance - I use Spec Gloss shader preview and if some materials don't work, i.e. some smart materials I have work for Metallic / Glossiness I use to convert them in Gimp. You should be able to find some tutorials on YT about converting Metallic Roughness maps to Spec Gloss ones.

Or you can try Noise's method. Going to try it myself as I'm curious whether it works properly.
workflow Metal\Rough, and then use the preset (PBR SpecGloss from MetalRough) when exporting, it's so convenient for me
Diffuse looking wrong - what's wrong with it exactly? If you could post some examples surely someone can guide you to the right direction :)
GorbashGaming - Beginner Tutorials for CE ... Img/videos

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