Trying to make PE_WALKING_RIGID working as expected

Hello, CryEngineers!

Attempted to physicalize an entity as walking rigid. For this, I took the SimpleRigidBodyActor component. In version 5.5, everything worked.
In 5.6 the situation is slightly different.
It didn’t start right away, so I added it to my project from the source and started to figure it out (so far I haven’t been able to build the 5.6 engine in VS2019, I still have a lot of errors until I figured it out).

In the attachment is a source (Code folder) with an example. Standard TPS Template, but with replaced CharacterController by a component - just a copy of SimpleRigidbodyActor.

When this code is executed, the character proxy becomes independent (p_draw_helpers i_g). Apparently, because of this, the physics poststep event is not raised.

If you uncomment lines 166 and 167 in the ActorPhysicsComponent.cpp file (the pe_player_dimensions parameter is added to them), the character will have a capsule, physicalized as rigidbody, and the poststep event starts to arrive correctly. In this case, the character physics proxy is present, remains independent.

Maybe I missed something, and somewhere in the AdvancedAnimationComponent I need to do something, or in CharacterTool
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